Cant get enough of Mouse Gestures.

One of the strongest assets of blender in my opinion are Mouse Gestures. Being a newbie, im really facinated by it. Does anyone know any more of these Mouse guestures? So far as experimenting goes, these are what i got to work:

While holding the Left mouse button:
Z motion = scale
C = Rotate
I = Grab
After any of the above, pressing the middle mouse button plus:
A quick left movement = constrain to horizontal
A quick UP or Down = constrain to vertical

Are there more of these things?

Thanks in advance.

Hey, vetzeen,

    If you consider mouse gestures  to be one of  Blender's  strongest

assets, you got to be a newbie.
Blender’s a two-handed app, one on the mouse, one on the keys.
Learn to use the hot-keys. It’s faster , and more certain, than using

I disagree. Mouse gestures are really fast, maybe faster than hotkeys if you know how to use them.

to answer the question, I don’t think there are other mouse gestures.


In fairness to MaceG I am indeed a blender newbie.

Also i have always found guestures a welcome feature, wether in apps like the Opera Borwser and Blender or games like Black and White. Im one of those guys who has clumsy hands i think due to the fact the im ambidexterous (In my case a person who is as INEFFICIENT with his left hand as he is with his right). lol.

I didn’t know you could constrain movements/scalings to seperate axies like that ! That’s really useful - why wasn’t I told about this ?? :slight_smile:

Thanks !

yea the constrain thingie rulez!

Move, Rotate, or Scale any object, and while in the respective mode
move the mouse (and it hasn’t to be quick) while keeping the middle mouse button pressed. You can cycle through the three global axes, if you are not in one of the orthogonal views. Select the axis you want, and release the MMB.

Gestures are most definitely useful, though it seem that Blender confuses the rotate gesture with the scale gesture occasionally…

Mine does that all the time.
I rely on the mouse gestures for the very common tasks (scaling, rotating, grabbing…) which don’t need to be 100% accurate.
I would say: mouse gestures are fast, but they’re not so very accurate or reliable.

Check out these video where I cover mouse gestures and more!

I hope that helps!

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