Can't get image to cover unwrapped model

I’m working very hard to figure all this out and I’ve looked through several tutorials. Right now I am running through the X-Plane “hanger” tutorial and all was going very well. It’s a simple, basically cubic, structure and it includes an image suitable for UV mapping.

I got to where I was going to UV map onto the model and I got very very stuck. After finding some great advice on the changes in UV mapping in later versions (I have 2.49a) I’m stuck. I’m sure it’s something very very simple but I can’t find it.

After I unwrap the object it looks like it’s “too big” for the UV Mapping window. By that I mean that the little square where the images appear (I even tried the test image) is very tiny compared to the size of the unwrapped pieces. I cannot, for the life of me, get the image (either the test image or the PNG that is part of the tutorial) to cover the object at all.

I’m completely missing something important and probably obvious. :spin:

Hey welcome to BlenderArtists ctgreybeard!

I apologise if I have misunderstood your problem, but if the verts in the UV window are to big for the image, then you could scale them down. Use SKEY for this. (and make sure all verts are selected (AKEY))

I hope this helps.

Thanks! I think you have understood the problem well. I hadn’t even thought of scaling them. I think I was afraid it would scale the mesh too but, of course not. Also the size difference was huge but once I tried it I got it to work fine … Now for the next challenge, whatever that is. Bill

Yaay! Glad it’s fixed! And hey if you get more troubles, don’t hesitate to post 'em here. :smiley:

Thanks for the nudge. I got the tutorial hanger built and placed! Here’s a shot of me and my itty bitty Piper parked inside!



thats pretty good! can u post a link to the tutorial?

Sure! Here’s a link to the main site: On the tutorials page the first one, “Using Blender to create X-Plane scenery objects” is the one I used. The big Blender changes in UV textures kept me hunting for a while because of the differences but I did get through it obviously. Bill