cant get indigo 8 and blendigot o work.

1- I copied indigo_08_stable to “C”

2- i 1. copied the Blendigo script “.py” file to the"blender-2.43.blender\scripts" directory.

3- i copied the “Indigowrapper.conf” file to the “blender-2.43.blender\scripts\bpydata” directory.

4- i edit the “Indigowrapper.conf” with a text editor and setup the path to my indigo directory. wich is C:\indigo_08_stable

5- i copied the “preview” directory into the indigo base directory.

then i lauch blender , open the blendigo script , and i guess the next step is to click the export scene botton , i do so and the blendigo window pops up and says indigo-default.igs

but the render window dont show up any image.

what im i doing wrong ?

Do the previews work ? (in blendigo/materials-preview)

Check in your Indogo directory if the files msvcm80.dll, msvcp80.dll and msvcr80.dll are there. If not, you can download them from

You didn’t wait, maybe. Give it a minute, from the screenshot, it looked like the file loaded.
fine. The image updates every 30 secs or so, unless you changed that in Blendigo…

I’m having the same problem as Giorgio Martini - And I can’t find the msvcm80.dll on that site? Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ok, I checked out Giorgio’s thread on Indigo’s Blender forum and found the answers. It’s working now! Yes! :slight_smile:

yes its working , the problem was , the blendigo background color was black , solution : turn it to white ;D