Can't get indigo to work...

Every time I try and run the export script, I get…

File <“string”>, line 45, in <module>
ImportError: No module named struct

I don’t even have much of an idea how to install the thing, I followed these instructions, and have Indigo 8 installed.

  1. copy the Blendigo script “.py” file to the “blender-2.43.blender\scripts” directory.
  2. copy the “Indigowrapper.conf” file to the “blender-2.43.blender\scripts\bpydata” directory.
  3. edit the “Indigowrapper.conf” with a text editor and setup the path to your indigo directory.
  4. copy the “preview” directory into the indigo base directory.

anyone can help? Thanks in advance. :o

Do you have the full version of python 2.5 with pythonpath set if necessary?

Unless the original coder of the script coded their own local module called struct, I’m guessing its trying to access the one thats part of the full python install.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

I have got python installed, and it blender can find it… version 2.5.

I’ve managed to get blendigo to work, so I’m having a go with that one at the moment, still the others are still not running, just giving the same error whatever I do. I’m not sure even if it is best to use them or “blendigo”, and there isn’t a clear tutorial for any of it.

Blendigo is giving me a “need at least one light source” error… but that is because I am just pressing buttons at random now. :stuck_out_tongue: …maybe I’ll leave it for tomorrow, it is getting late. :spin:

edit: found out what was wrong with blendigo, I needed to add a sun :slight_smile:

you may have to use blender 2.43 for some indigo exporters to work