Can't get into Blendernation

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, please move it to the right one if it is in the wrong place.

I have the Blender toolbar, I am running the latest version of Firefox,
I have started having trouble getting into Blendernation.
When I click on one of the links on the page I get an error message
Error establishing a database connection

Any idea as to what I may have done wrong.
I am on Win 7 64bit, basically up till a day or 2 ago I had no problems what at all, but now this
I tried it in Safari and still the same problem.

I fired up my laptop which has WinXP 32 bit, and the same problem in Firefox and Safari.

It maybe the web site, but not sure,

Any help greatly appreciated…

Same here…
I’ve got the same error message. Opening BlenderNation was just fine yesterday.
Does anyone know what is going on?

I searched the error message and the results show that it’s an error related to WordPress.
It’s been down for the whole day to me as well, hopefully they will be able to rectify the problem soon.

Yup. It is still down.

Down here too :frowning:

BTW I accidentally typed in instead of and I’m pretty sure that points to a virused site. I got some weird URL’s in the address bar while loading.

You do know sites go down sometimes, its called the internet. Just a little patience and I’m sure it’ll all turn out lovely.!/BlenderNation/status/117499935586398208


I can’t go out with my friends, I seem to have lost my connection to the outside world…




BN is up!..

yet down :frowning: looks how a hackutodesk job

There has been a rash of these issues, first BlenderGuru then Blendernation…Thank god for Blender Artists.

Dont forget that Graphicall is partially down too.

I have the same problems. Last week several times I had problems to enter the BlenderGuru pages (now and then) and now, the last 2 days, I can’t get into Blendernation anymore ! Not ONE time ! Pretty annoying !!! Help ! I was not aware of the fact that I am addicted to Blendernation ! :no:

Now I can !!! Blendernation is back in the air ! What a nice feeling ! :yes:

You’re right :smiley:
BlenderNation is back online! Happy to see it again.
See you guys on BN!

Shh! The Man might get to them too! :yes:

Are we really starting to see a trend where people here are starting to use Autodesk as a scapegoat for problems with Blender websites?

Blaming them for everything is not really going to go anywhere except negative opinions from people who use their products, and get the impression that we believe in a grand conspiracy against free software.:rolleyes:

Eeep! Blender Artists just went down for a minute or two!

That’s usually because the server is busy due to the popularity of this site.

It would be nice if people would be less jittery the moment a site goes down, maybe get some more sleep at night and less time in front the PC screen if needed to unscramble your mind and settle your thoughts. I know I could get worked up over something only to sleep over it and have a refreshed view the next morning.