Can't get it right

I’m currently try to build a chainmail coif using a cloth and particle system. This is base on several tutorials i found online. But it seems this technique work well only for rectangular pattern mesh. Doesn’t work as well on a circular mesh. Anyone have any idea? Anyway. here’s the example of my coif. As you can see, as the circular mesh goes outward, the chainmail pattern started to spread out as well.

Could you post the tutorials you used, as well as a screenshot of the particle settings and maybe a wireframe?

Do you use UV coordinates somewhere for the pattern? Maybe your UVs are stretched. If you’re not using UV coordinates for the distribution of the chainmail, or if you’re sure it’s not the problem, something might be wrong with the particle settings. Have you set the system to emit particles evenly, or have you set it to emit x particles from every face, for example? If everything’s ok with the particle system, try adding more vertices around the shoulder parts of the mesh (I assume the geometry is more dense at the parts closer to the head? Try making it evenly distributed).

Right now, there could be many reasons why it’s not working, and I have no idea how your settings look, so posting them would be helpful. Also, nice lighting!

(And maybe you’d get more replies if you moved this to the particle support forum)