Can't get it to work

ok, i tried to get the blender 2.45 for windows, but when i opened it, it said “the application has failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found. Re-installing the apllication may fix this problem.” but i tried reinstalling and it didnt work, can someone help?
woops, i think this is in the wrong section, i just read the message, can someone tell me which subforum in the support this would fit in?

Yeah, simple - you don’t have the miscrosoft re-distributable, MSVCR71.dll.
It’s a library file your program needs to run. Get it, and you’re up and going.

Here, this site has the file you need. Just follow their instructions & you’ll be cooking with gas in no time.


Right under the download of blender for windows on

For the Windows build, you may need to install this official update. Vista doesn’t need this, but users of older Windows versions should install it if they experience a crash during startup of Blender.Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)

And you could have searched that.

Easiest way to fix this is to do a C:\ search for that .dll. When you have found it, copy it to your system32 directory under C:\WINDOWS.

That fixes the problem every time I’ve seen it.