Can't get lighting to work


At the moment I’m following the blender tutorials on wikipedia. I’m up to the vulcano part and i’ve run into a bump in the road.

All the previous tutorial pages were easy to follow, however this one goes down the route of “make it work”

I’ve build my volcano and now I need to add some red glow to the crater, involving a light spot. However, when I add the spot on the place of the cursor (bottom of the volcano) the spot appears but the light does not. I can not get the lightsource to give me any light. I’ve tried near all light settings but all i see is the black circle that is a light spot.

Can anyone help me out here? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help

Are you sure that the spot is in the same layer that the object wanted to iluminate?
If you don’t know what the layers where in blender first take a look to any tutorial, there are of them

yeah I think I’m ok with the layers. I’ve gotten this far. Note the lack of light :slight_smile:

ok. if your spotlight is below the mesh of the volcano, then you might have to turn shadows off, or else the volcano will block the light out, and if the SpotSi(ze) setting isn’t big enough, the cone won’t be wide enough to reach the edges of the volcano rim.

No such luck. I’ve moved the light source to above the volcano, shining down into the crater and there’s still no light.
This is the volcano model:

Do you not see the light when you render ?
To see the light in the 3d view in real time set the Draw Type (next to object mode drop down) to Textured.


Great that did the trick! cough

Still, that particular tutorial is kind of hard to follow if you’re just thrown in to the lighting game. My render doen’t quite look like the one in the tutorial but I’m satisfied with this. Thanks everyone