Can't get mantaflow fluid simulation to work

I have been trying to make a liquid simulation but whatever i do i cant get mantaflow to work. I have set the type to replay and i am pretty sure i have the domain and emitter setup correctly it just isnt working. It doesnt show the particles when i press play and the fluid doesnt show up at all. any help would be appriciated :grinning:

In the flow object, try to check the setting called “Is Planar”.

Sorry about the late reply i have been busy over the last few days, I tried checking the is planar box and it didnt fix the issue.

What is your operating system?
Could you share the .blend file here?

my opperating system is windows 10
here is the .blend file
NuclearWaste.blend (4.0 MB)

There is a problem when inflow mesh is very small, according to developers this is not considered a bug. There two possible solutions are indicated:

Apparently particles start to be emitted with a resolution of 128.

I have tried scaling the flow object up and still have the same issue

I managed to shrink the domain and got the fluid working :grinning:
thanks for the help

Setting the cache type to final lets you bake the mesh, rather than baking it in the viewport.

I had been having the same issue, what worked for me is updating the cache for the simulation to show in replay.
Create domain, create flow then go back into domain and toggle ‘Use Adaptive Timesteps’ off and back on again, which updates the cache and shows the liquid. I hope they fix it soon.

I’ve been trying to use the fluid simulator and I’ve been having these issues. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t to the extent that I have to redo the whole file. Sometime I change resolution or sampling and it stops working, and if I changed it back to how it was before it doesn’t work anymore. There are clearly major issues with this simulator, I’ve been close to tearing my hair out every time I give this fluid simulator a go. These issues where the object is too small, or cache clearing issues or any other small tiny issues that can make the whole thing just not start shouldn’t be there from the get go. The old simulator was much reliable.

I just bought Flip Fluids, and I managed to get the job done for what I wanted in 30 minutes and with much better results. Saved me so much pain.

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That’s the impression I get too after playing with it for two days, it’s kinda iffy. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. It works fine if you’re doing the standard one sphere and a domain youtube demo. More complex scene has never worked for me. It’s going the right direction though.

@NeverTilt is right about Flip Fluids. I got my scene done with FF addon demo in an hour. Maybe be Blender should label Mantaflow as experiential feature right now.