Can't get meshes to be seamless

I have some problems getting two objects seamless. The texture is 100% seamless, but the mesh is not. I tried to merge by distance, data transfer an basically everything I know of. I merged both meshes, but still the seam is there.

Is there anything I could do about it?

Here’s a screenshot. Its the part around the shoulder.
Image4.jpg (1098×631) (

it would be easier to see if you posted the actual blend, but have you tried the basic stuff like Recalculate Normals, or set shading to Flat and then back to Smooth? It might think those are still edges so you have to nudge it.

Does it look like that without the texture? If not, it could still be the UVs from when it was two pieces.

If you don’t want to post the whole mesh you could cut out just the bad section and post it.

Thanks for the reply. Heres the blend file:

It’s not a shading issue, I export this for game it’s even getting worse. Yes, it is without textures as well

Where ever you’re sharing that file from redirects to me a shady site saying I have a virus and need to download some malware.

There are definitely some problem verts. If you select all the verts and say Mesh->Clean Up->Fill Holes, you’ll see some verts in the armpit area react.

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Well, it’s just sendspace. Changed to MediaFire. Hope thats better

I see. What can I do to fix that?

A better way is to do a Select → Select All by Trait → Non-Manifold, in edge or vertex mode. This would select all holes instead of filling them with (possibly) degenerate geometry.

@Albertros if you do the above you can then merge by distance. Just increase the merge threshold to about 0.01. Before merging though you also might want to deselect some verts on the groin in case you don’t want to merge anything in that area.

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Thanks a lot, this makes it a lot better. But there is still a slight seam left depending on the light. Any more I can do to further improve on it?

Sorry, I was busy yesterday so I didn’t get the chance to respond after my first post, and Stan_Pancakes is correct.

However to give you a little more detail, if you look closely at those areas with the seams, you can see simply by selecting the verts that there is an issue:

if you zoom in and select that spot, you can see that all the edges coming out of that vertex are not colored:


Any vertex you select should highlight all of the edges attached to it, in a well-formed mesh - here’s another vertex from a smooth part of the mesh and you can see the edges coming in to the vertex:


So if you take one of the bad vertex and do an area-select (you might need to go into wireframe mode to make sure it selects all of the stacked vertices) and you can see all the incoming edges are selected:


Then, just do a Merge->At Center and it’ll fix it, removing the seam:

There are only about 3 bad vertices on each side so it’s not too bad to do them manually.

Ok, thanks sizzler for the detailed explanation :+1:

The tips here fixed the seam. Thanks very much again.
If someone could now tell me what is wrong with this triangle here, I’d be very happy.

You mean how its a different color? I think thats because its the active face.

I don’t see anything wrong with that triangle. The vertex to the right of the bottom corner is also a ‘bad’ one with a seam, in case you haven’t fixed that one:


…but the one you have selected looks ok to me. What’s the issue? If it’s just one triangle shading differently then you might need to select “Shade Smooth” again - sometimes Blender defaults back to not-smooth if you have done edits to particular triangles.

The problem with it is, it dosn’t show the texture correct even outside of blender at this triangle. And it is only visible like on the screenshot when I have a texture assigned and when I have selected them. Meaning without selection it looks fine and it’s hardly an UV or texture issue. Yes, I fixed all bad triangles.

I’m not sure I understand. Can you post a pic of that triangle with the texture on it?

Also was it incorrect before you started fixing the bad triangles, or did it stop looking right after the fix?