can't get my armature to work

i’m trying to make a small animation and for that i need an armature that is able to crouch. i like the one from this tutorial:

but when i try to rebuild it, i get weird results. here’s my attempt:

i really don’t get what’s wrong, and yes, i read many tuts and tried many hours…

if somebody please could help me!
thx CorMega

I guess that you’re using the 2.40 version?!

don’t bother no more with IK bones
If you want to do a “fast” anim do a three bones leg ( upleg->leg->foot)
select the foot and enable the Automatic IK button
Fast aand easy
To do a more complex one you must use the IK modifiers now
Check her maybe:
I’ve downloaded your file but??..

Before you do anything, go into pose mode select the “null foot” bone and remove the constraint (press the “X” in the constraint panel) then rearrange all the bones back into position (in 2.4 you can select them all and press ALT-G but in 2.37 that doesn’t seem to work on this armature)

You haven’t set the IK constraints as the tutorial shows. See this image for example:

Select the “foot” bone, go to the constraint panel and fill it in as shown above. The “foot” bone will jump to the “foot IK” bone.

Then select the “toes” bone and add a constraint on it targeting “toe IK”.

Having said all that, it’s all about to change. Personally I think it’s still worth understanding this because even the new system uses IK, it just has a few different ways of applying it. But if you don’t understand what IK is then even the new system will have you stumped for a while. But I wouldn’t complete that whole tutorial - just play with the basic setup but ignore the advanced one.

Gabio has begun the updated armature docs here:

First of all, thx for the help and yes, I use 2.40.
The armature in the file that i uploaded is a simple one, with which I tried
to understand how the foot setup works. The armature that I want to animate
is more complex - it is for a dinosaur - so it has for example three leg bones
instead of two. I didn’t want to use automatic IK.
It isn’t really clear in the tutorial on which bones to add the IK solvers because you can’t see the names of the bones in the tut. With AndyD’s help I got closer to what I want.
Here is the update:

But I’ve still got some questions:

  1. Why do I need that “null foot” bone? It works fine without it.
  2. Now I can’t bend the toes anymore. What do I have to change?
  3. The crouching doesn’t work properly. If I grab the upper leg and move
    it down, the toes stay in place but the heel also moves down. What’s wrong?

Hi again

once again, don’t bother with IK bones no more
The new system is , well, new to me too, but there’s a new way
of rigging I guess

Build your leg select toes or foot ( make tests) in Pose mode do
Ctrl-I keys and choose To new empty object
Now you’ve an empty that controls the leg
And you can move it in Pose mode , practical
If you enable the Rot, you can rotate the empty and the leg will follow

  1. Why do I need that “null foot” bone? It works fine without it.

Null bones were often needed to get the results you wanted. One major and very sensible change in 2.4 is that Blender will now use the tip if the IK solver bone as the end of the IK chain whereas it used to be the root of that bone.

In 2.37, the bone you set as an IK solver never actually bent as part of the chain so it looked quite unnatural. The null bone solved that problem by moving the solver further along the chain. You can mimic this in 2.4 by turning off the “Use Tip” button.

I don’t think there is any use whatsoever for a null bone in 2.4. Take a look at OTO’s and Gabio’s tutorials for the new system.