Can't get my head around Freestyle SVG Export

How exactly does this work?

I’ve been trying to do it a few times since it came out last year and i’ve never found an .svg anywhere after rendering.

I’ve decided to put an end to the puzzle and ask about it.

My latest effort involves this tutorial page –

which appears to be the latest word on that particular thing. I’m on 2.74 though.

Any hints to solve the puzzle will be appreciated!

Marco :slight_smile:

Hm. Just tried and it seems to work pretty straightforward:
a) Enable the add-on.
b) Check “Freestyle SVG Export”.
c) Define an output directory and
d) Hit F12.

The SVG file is there - at least on my machine…

Thanks man!

I never worried about specifying an output directory for non-animation purposes because I was used to rendering and saving images. Appears to work very well now!