cant get my topology to look real.

here is a few pinks of the female topology i am working on. I used a uv sphere fo r the head. trying to figure out quicker ways to make the model. maybe I should just complete it, then learn re-topology?


the topology of the breasts and shoulders could be better, and there need to be more edge loops around the joints if it’s going to be animated. for making the head, the best way, imo, would be to sculpt a separate head, stick it into position, then use the retopology tools to retopo over it, starting at the neck vertexes of the original mesh. hands can be easier to make, if you start by making the fingers first, imo.

thanks, I was wondering, maybe it isnt the blocking in but, the muscle anatomy edge flow I need? so i should learn re-topology and do this? the red edge flow, then start filling in? (image below)


A good learning practice you can do is download a character (or create one with Makehuman by example), then practice retopology on it, allowing you to see better how the edges are going to “flow” and so understand it better.
You can use your existing model too if you wish, retopology will still work with it.

This understanding will then serve you nicely on your own modelling.

Oh and avoid ngons on anything that is not completely planar, you have ngons in the upper legs, it’s going to lead into problems.


ya I think I need to work on edge flow, I think my blocking in is good. is there away to erase a mesh history? by this I mean when i ctrl A i can only get my origin to reset if i put my mesh back at the center then do it. or sometimes separating objects. regardless if i do a object to origin and snap manipulate to object, it switches sometimes between the two mesh.

Do you happen to know if Blender

[email protected]

is the email to suggest suggestions to help blender get better. I suggested these things. I figured to put in my two cents, maybe these are bad or good ideas but wanted to suggest my thoughts.

I know in ortho view you can see your dimensions such as feet, inches etc.

I think it would help to also have an option to turn this on in perspective on the grid say the axis so you can see how far 20 feet away is etc for making a scene.

Maybelle built in lighting studio to test textures

the uv editor. when you scale up of the texture by using check snap to boarders or pixels. this causes confusion to me on how the texture is suppose to look. i thought stretching inst good? but then… sometimes my textures look better when i do this. so i think there shouldn’t be an option like that and just use the create new and enter the image texture dimensions to see what it will look like instead of stretching or scaling up the mesh.

snapping, seems in imperial I cant get my mesh to snap exactly on grid line. so better grid snapping regardless of what units.

more landscape options.
such as beach and shore line, city, park, skies like sunset, clear, Stormy etc. etc.

ocean modifier.
is should have a collide option to be able to create shoreline and water colliding off of things like boats or piers etc instead of going through them.

maybe some built in clothes, shoes etc like dress, pants

also, when I texture a mesh and combine it with another, say a bolt and some metal plate right… now when I combine them so i can array them, either my textures look warped or there all one. is there a reason for this? I mean, it was already textured. so why would combining them change this?

the bf “funboard” seems to be where to send your suggestions as it’s supposed to be

Discussions on Blender functionality, at the end-user level.
The goal is to further organize a ‘functionality board’ and to assist and inspire Blender developers in coding projects.

But while you can always do suggestions (people have done so since years, the Blender devs have probably whole books filled with user suggestions by now :smiley: ), i recommend you to not expect much of it : there are only few developers working on Blender and they always have their hands full with their own projects, their interests and the bug fixing part. And currently there’s that open movie they’re working on with the “gooseberry project” that probably make it so they are more busy than usual.

For your warped texture question with arrays, well without seeing the blend and how you setup your texture, it’s making it hard to guess.
Upload a blend with the texture packed and someone will certainly be able to tell you what’s happening.