Can't get Node Wrangler to work

Im on Blender 2.90. How do you get Node Wrangler to work, its turned on.

Well, you can for example Ctrl-Shift click a node. Or you can Ctrl-Shift-right click, and draw a line between two nodes to mix them. Or press Shift-W for a list of some node wrangler operators. That’s node wrangler working.

I saw the documentation…all short cuts…if you even know what they do you…thanks.

People SAY “click” but what they mean is “DRAG”. A lot of Node Wrangler functionality is selecting the proper node, hitting the hotkeys, and dragging to another node.

FWIW, I’m having a hell of a time remembering the key combinations: a post-it not on your monitor might help. And only a few of the NW functions are extremely useful, concentrate on those.

Hi, node wrangler should work «out of the box» for 2.9, at least it does on the build I have.

That said, I have occasionally had problems with add-ons being installed and turned on with no result.

I would try to download a different version of blender 2.9 (there have been many different releases) and it try again, or you can try 2.91.

There are many different builds of Blender as it constantly gets updated, sometimes there are bugs that are specific to a certain build date that get fixed in the newer builds.

I do not know if you change many preferences, but I would also recommend to load factory settings when you update Blender, that way you do not have old configurations interfering with the new build.
another possibility would be you have conflicting add-ons, if you have lots of add-ons turned on try turning them off one by one to see if there are any conflicts.