Can't get parallel shadows from sun lamp?

Hi everyone,

Am I wrong in expecting that the shadows in this scene, created by a sun lamp, should all be parallel? I have the size set to zero, so I’m confused why the shadows coming from the lounge chair and the glass wall panel support are falling at different angles. I drew in some grease pencil lines in red, to accent the shadows I’m referring to. Confused here - anyone know what’s going on?

The lighting is basically from a single sun lamp, with size=0. I can load the .blend if someone thinks it would be helpful to take a look at it. Thanks in advance.

The shadows in the attached image are parallel (sun lamp at zero size)
Doesn’t look like it in the render because of the perspective camera

Are your shadows parallel in orthographic view ? I suspect your camera is set to a wide angle focal length which will exaggerate the effect

Ah-ha! I was thinking sun dials, when I should have been thinking about camera lenses. Very much appreciated the brief, but perfect explanation. Cheers.

Most arch shots are shot with orthographic perspective to prevent converging-lines … the “old-timey” bellows cameras, still used today. Also, with “long lenses (zoom) set way back,” instead of wide-lenses set close (fisheye effect).