Can't get pass index to implement

Hi Guys,

I’ve been following a tutorial by Andrew Price, creating a Sci-Fi corridor. I’m right at the end now at the compositing stage. I’m trying to add Blur and what not to my light sources. I have put all my light sources on pass index 1 which does not seem to work. I connect my ID mask to the IndexMA output on the Render Layers node and then a viewer node to the ID Mask and I expect to see just my light sources however I just get a solid black view. I have attached my .blend file as a .zip as I packed in my materials and textures and I don’t know how to unpack!

when I open your scene there is nothing connected for compositing. Not even a node setup for comp. Maybe try to upload a new file with your setup. Masking lights and everything you need seems to work but I cant reproduce what the problem is.