Can't get reflective look of eye

I’m doing a tutorial here: I am unable to get the eyes on my model to look transparent and glossy as shown in the tutorial. Mine look flat. Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

From the tutorial:

This is what I get:

Blend file:

Mr Ward says you have to duplicate windshield and create glossy material for it. Then you move this slightly in front of the original windshield object. Also, you seem to be missing grayscale bump image for the bumps over the irises.

…and btw, on the subs body you’re using what is obviously a normal map with a Bump Map node and furthermore connect it to the Displacement input of the Material Output node, which is wrong in so many ways…:wink:

Check the color coding of the nodes: Blue goes to blue.
Blue output of the Normal Map node goes to blue vector input of the shaders. Please forget the Displacement input of the Material Output node completely.

I have a windshield eyes plane and a windshield glossy plane each with its own separate material. (shown in my posted image) I also made a grayscape bump image for the irises (which is shown in the UV editor above). And it’s connected with a node to the windshield glossy plane material node tree. The grayscale image was very distorted, but it is there. So I don’t know what you are referring to.

You obviously uploaded the wrong file, then, or gave us the wrong link.
The file you linked to in your first post does neither have a second, glossy windshield mesh, nor does it contain/use an iris bump texture…

I got it now. I went back and watched the video again. Not so easy to follow when you don’t know what you’re doing. Thanks for your time.


[subscript]This, turns out, was too short…[/subscript]

In the tutorial he shows the eyes become distorted when they are moved to the edge of the curved plane because the image is projected from the empty directly in front. Following the solution he shows, I straightened out the lattice on the y axis. The eyes now don’t distort when moved to the edges, but they lost the gloss and three effect of the material nodes. Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

Blend file:


To get around distortion another empty could be used inside the sub; eye controller Empty should have Track To constraint pointing to this new empty so that it always points to the center of the arc of windshield.
Right now there is one more or less reflective version of materials

What do you mean by this? I looked at your blend file. But aside from the emission plane, I can’t see what you did to modify it. I didn’t see a target empty to track to, for instance. Also, I don’t like the purple color reflection on the eyes. I will try the target empty idea tomorrow. But I wonder if it will prevent me from moving the eyes with the empty controller.