cant get rid of group

Mediafire link to the blend file in question:

open the blend and look on the bottom left corner of the screen. under the outliner you will see a group outliner where you can see a group called, “camera_equipment”. In that group you can also see an empty, called “view target” that does not seem to exist anywhere on any layer. I want to get rid of this camera_equipment group, but it just wont let me.

Also, can anybody see a reason that this file is 2.6MB? I dont think there is anything in there to make it that large.

Not sure what the problem is with the group issue. I fiddled around with your file but couldn’t figure it out.

As to your second question regarding size, I am not sure why it is so big. However, I do know that the very first time you save a file, in the file browser window where you name your file, you can tick the button labelled “Compress” on the left of the window. That should fix that.

I figured out how to get rid of the group. If you right-click on the group name you can select “remove link”

You will have to collapse the list before this will show up though.

hmmm, will that did the trick rcpongo, but why would that be “linked”? And what does linked even mean in this case?