Can't get rotation of object in particle system right.

I did the tutorial without any trouble. But when I attempted to apply the technique to my own image, I couldn’t get the windows to face in the right direction. I moved the window’s origin point to several positions and the orientation of the window itself too. But I can’t get the windows to face out like they should. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

This is the window in top ortho. The origin point is in the middle of the glass, which you can’t see from the top perspective.

This is the result I get:

Llink to the blend file:

Select the window and first clear its rotation (Alt+R) so you start with a clean slate. In edit mode select all vertices and rotate them 90 degrees around X axis (R X 90).
Is there a reason your building is tilting ?

Thanks. That worked. I thought I had the window in that position, though. As for the building on a tilt, no reason. I deleted the whole thing anyway because the building was showing through the windows. Something I hadn’t thought of when I started. It’s hard to adapt something I’ve learned in Blender to an image of my own. Something always gets screwed up.