Cant get shooting correct

I can at times et shooting to be semi-correct and than when I try and edit to acheive final trajectory it goes and messes it all up again. Ive used combination of local on/off, Ive tried rotations on empty (cylinder shoots all jacked up, in wrong directions, uses wrong orientation) list goes on with how fustrated I am. I watched videos amd read articles, but just cannot figure it out. Problems compound when I get 1 empty working than add a second 1. It just goes haywire.


x and y motions generally follow motoion and shoot but rotating in z is where the problem is. it keeps firing y+ all through z rotation

This type of issue is implementation-dependent. It will be hard for someone to understand what you did wrong without seeing what you precisely did in your .blend file.

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well, uhm what?

i bet you mean shooting from the camera view, you need to know that the camera y+ axis is actually it’s local z axis.