Can't get tracking to work on any video with much movement

I’ve gone through over 10 tutorials on camera tracking, and had little luck.

I’ve tried doing it on multiple videos. The last one I just put numerous dots on a piece of paper and never let anything block the dots, and never let the dots off screen. It still lost track of the dots as soon as the camera moved more than a a couple inches.

It’s driving me nuts. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Or if you think there is a “best” tutorial, please post a link. But I think I followed all the other ones correctly. The markers do track for a bit.

I even tried just using the part that tracked well, but then I can never get the perspective to work correctly to set up a scene.

Welcome to the hell I’ve been in for the last 2 years :slight_smile:

Too many factors at play. Could you at least post the video? Also, what format are you feeding into Blender and what resolution?

I even tried screen recording the tutorial videos and using the video they used. Didn’t work. CG matter even has a tutorial on how you can simply use 5 high rez photos instead of an actual video. Didn’t work.

Have you tried increasing those search boxes? A tracker’s search box must include the tracker’s position from the next frame, otherwise it will no longer find it.

Yes I did try that. In some cases it seems like maybe the parts I’m tracking change shape too much or get too blurry from motion blur and it loses it.

I tried moving those trackers by hand during the frames where it was too blurry, but still didn’t have much luck

I’ve tried it with multiple videos. Over a dozen.

When you ask what format, do you mean if it’s an mp4 or something like that? I’ve tried videos that I downloaded off of youtube, and I’ve tried video shot on my phone. Some were 1080p some were 4K.

Like I said even when it looks like I have an okay tracking and the solve is under 1.0 error, I still can’t get the plane and cube to look like it’s actually lined up properly.

The videos I’ve tried it with have numerous types of situations going on so I don’t think it’s anyone video that’s causing the problem.

Having no idea what you’re trying to track makes any answer that we can give you kinda useless. Go on YouTube, search for Ian Hubert and watch his tracking tutorial…several times!

I have watched Ian’s videos as well as numerous other people.

I don’t see the point in talking about a specific video because I’ve tried it now with over a dozen different videos that all have different aspects to them. I don’t think uploading all of these videos and have people look at all of them to decide what’s going wrong on each is really practical.

Like I mentioned, in one of the videos I just took a piece of paper and put numerous dots with a marker in a grid pattern. It was tracking okay until there was a bit of motion blur.

But, when I tried to have it work in the scene, the camera didn’t move at all. There seems to be numerous issues I’m having with whatever video I try.

Even better would be if someone else could post a video they have successfully tracked with minimum effort and we could give it a try and from there someone can help us figure out what we’re missing or doing wrong.

I have used a screen recording of the first few seconds of this blender guru video.

The link to get the source video from his website no longer works. I used to have the source video but cannot find the file at the moment.

Get yourself better quality footage to work with. I’d be willing to bet that the crazy ass compression is wrecking havoc with the tracking points.

I had no better luck with the original video file from his website.

Is the only way to get it back on track, to hand place the points that loose tracking on the lost frames, and then continue tracking automatically when the video has clearer images of the tracking dots?