Can't get UV to appear in game

I made this char, (by joining and merging verts) and can’t get UV to appear in game. I UV Face Selected his chest, unwrapped, alt + n’ed for new tex, colored, and nothing happened.
Can you all help me out?

His names gurret :smiley:

please explain what you did again? you say you colored it? and nothing happened?

So in vertex paint you painted it? Or in texture pain you painted a new texture for it?

Did nothing happen when you painted it? did you have the paint brush seleceted in uv editor mode?

Did you save the texture? did you press p and couldnt see the painted texture?

I dont know…

Well either you’ve selected the wrong shading in the 3D window. do Alt-Z to toggle - you will see an icon changing next to were it says ‘Object Mode’ and you want the green prune thing…

Or else your using blender materials in which case you must have the 'TexFace putton pressed in Shading Panel (F5) Material section / TexFace…

or if thats not it you had better post the blend

by color, i meant on UV i made a new tex and texture painted on UV screen.

i have set all materials to tex face, and got nada. it does appear shaded in texture object mode, but not in GE. weird, eh?

i’ll try to upload.

Then you dont need the tex face. You may have your normals flipped to the inside instead of to the outside.

do you have a material in use because if you do it wont show up unless you select tex where i cirlced in the pic if that doesnt work upload the pic

I think he just unwrapped, the created a new image in the uv image edit view port. Then went into Paint and painted the selected faces.

So he isnt using a material, just uv mapping. Hope he posts the blend so we can fix it, lol.

You can upload to

And you can just add a picture to you post here from your hard drive using manage attachments.

thanx for the atachments advice im new at this also and im just telling him things that ive had problems with so far but your probably right im just trying to contribute what i know that already hasnt been contributed.

I know, I meant the attachments and upload for him, lol. But am glad it helped you too.

I wished all forums had space for pics. It would make life so much easier.

i’m workin on upload… gimme another day, maybe…
Also, Ititrx has the right idea on what i was doing. just a little note, one time (somehow) i managed to get the area i was UV’ing to appear shadeless in game mode, and, like i said (i think…) it appears texed in texture mode. weiiiiiiiiiird

found out problem, but is there a way to make the UV appear over the material?

check my post it shows you how you have to set tex on even though you shouldnt have anything loaded in the textures area. (you can have one but it will screw up your uv maping usualy) also if your having that much trouble uploading it onto the net start a freewebs acount after three days (i thinhk) you can upload any type of folder on there, i use it because theres no ad popups or anything just takes you straight for the download page.

4shared doesnt have popups either and is very easy to use.

just a little note, one time (somehow) i managed to get the area i was UV’ing to appear shadeless in game mode, and, like i said (i think…) it appears texed in texture mode.

I dont understand what you are saying here? You will see the textures in GE if you select textured mode., in the drop down menu next to the mode menu.

You want to see your uv’s over your texture?

I dont understand. Perhaps this will help: go to uvface select mode and select all your faces. Now you will see them over the texture in the uvimage edit window.

I think you need to do some reading about uv mapping to textures. Start there first, not materials.

Using materials in the GE slows the engine down.

maybe go to map input and press “UV” in case you are using the materials through game stack …
you are not clear , … please clear your problem .