Can't get window glass to be transparent

I’m trying to model an interior scene and every window glass setup I have found online doesn’t work. The light just doesn’t go through the polygons. Here’s one from blender guru that I tried with no luck. I’m using 2.82. Does anyone have a good window glass material setup? Thanks.

you need to go to the shader and pick alpha clipping for both the drawing and shadows. Are you trying to use eevee or cycles. The texture map must be alpha also.

screenshot on your setup?

@humanartist, sorry I’m very new to blender and I’m not sure where I need to make those edits. Here’s a screenshot of what I have to this point.

Nevermind, I am so stupid. I had a material override on the scene in the view layers tab so I could work on lighting not even thinking that of course, that would also override my glass material.