Can't give constraint!

Maybe I’m just missing something. But I’m trying to give my t rex tail a IK constraint. To the last bone in the tail, but I get a error message saying Inverse kinematics can only be added to bones. I tried in pose mode and edit mode. I have the bone selected but it won’t let me add a constraint to the bone? O.o

What am I doing wrong? Or is it a bug?

Well, for one, posting your question in the wrong section.

I am? Ok where is the rigging forum?:eek:

you have to be in PoseMode to assign any constraints.
Did you check for that?

Look, I have tried various blender 2.5 builds. It’s the same problem, a bug?:eek:

hmm, did you choose the correct bone constraint menu?

There are different constraint panels now. Yeah now it works thanks;)

Why is there a jerk in every forum that is unable to answer a question without a rude comment. If he wanted to know if he was in the right forum I am sure he would have asked that question first.