Can't go full screen on videos uploaded on the forum

When trying to go full screen on videos uploaded here, it goes full screen for like 1 second then goes out and the page scrolls up bit.
Tried with Opera, Edge and Vivaldi.

Videos on other sites using discourse are working just fine.

I can’t reproduce it here. The video controls in your gif look very different from what I see on YouTube etc - are you using a browser extension that affects this perhaps?

With embedded videos I think that the player depends on the browser. Here using Linux and full screen works well in Firefox. In Chromium I get the same problem as the one described above.

This is not an embedded video from youtube, videos from youtube works fine.
Those are video files (mp4 etc) uploaded directly here on the forums.
Also no, no extensions here.

Ah I see. Can you share some links of where this happens please?

For example:

Couldn’t reproduce it here on FF from any of those links fwiw.

It seems broken only for Edge, and chromium based web browsers. But it’s only broken here on this forum. Those type of videos on other forums like devtalk etc, (that uses the same engine), are working fine.

I just checked in chrome, edge, and firefox the links posted by @Regnas work fine in those browsers on my laptop. I am running win 10 ver 1803 build 17134.228