can't hear sound file

hi everyone! my first post on the forums.
i’m working my way through Ryan’s BSOD wiki tutorial and so far, it’s been great!

however, i’ve reached a kind of impasse at this part of the tutorial:

after i add the WAV file, i tried moving the slider in the video sequncer window and the timeline window, but i can’t hear anything. i tried playing the file in mplayer and it works fine. is there something i’m not doing right?

i’m on blender version is 2.44, running on linux.

would appreciate help, thanks!

click the speaker icon.

Just in case you are experiencing the Ubuntu sound issue, here´s the solution.

In order to get the sound working, you must install libsdl1.2all, and you must run blender with the following command:

export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa && ./blender -g noaudio

So, you go to the directory where you extracted this build and instead of typing ./blender, you type the command shown above. You may also have to manually disable the game engine sound under the preferences dialog.

I had a same problem on the update to ubuntu 10.07 my solution was:
to fit in the etc/environment file a row with this text:

Another problem could be if your soundcard has no hardware-mixing.

thanks for the quick replies.

yes, indeed i’m running ubuntu, and version 7.10 at that.

i tried all the things suggested, but still no sound.

jpbouza: btw, the package i downloaded was libsdl1.2debian-all. that’s the correct one right? installing that package automatically uninstalled the libsdl1.2debian-alsa. is that also supposed to happen?

The Last Rookie: How can i tell if my sound card supports hardware-mixing?

Oh blenders sound bugs are sometimes strange.
But if you still hear no sound, even if you disable the game sound, saved the settings as standard, quit blender and restart blender, i can’t help you.
Are you using the alsa mixer as standard? Perhaps you can try to disable ESD mixing in the ubuntu audio settings.
I don’t know where you can see if hardware mixing is done by your card, but if you have it you will be able to use game sound and sequencer sound at the same time.
On the other side it seems to me that blender uses now the alsa sound system, which does software mixing automaticly.
Keep up the search, sometimes its only a config file which needs some feed. :smiley:

hey that worked LastRookie! i went to the audio settings and disabled the ESD mixing. Now I can see the movement of the mouth with the sound and it’s really a big wow for me. so exciting…:smiley:

thanks very much guys, for all the help.