Can't hide collection! Why empties for modelling?

Hi folks,

I downloaded a model from SketchFab.

I really have very little experience with modelling in blender, so i have a couple of beginner’s questions:

Please take a look at the video below.

In it you’ll see that i can only hide various objects when i click the actual view icon om the mesh.
But if i try to hide the collection as a whole, i can’t hide it.
Is that normal blender behaviour?

Perhaps it’s to do with the fact that each mesh is parented to an empty?

What is the point of this workflow? Why parent meshes to empties when modelling?


Yes, this is normal and expected, since parents are NOT collections. I don’t know why exactly it’s done that way (just another way of grouping objects I suppose. To be able to move the whole “group” easily, it would seem).

To toggle visibility for the hierarchy (the parent and its children) Shift + click on parents eye icon

Orrr, you can move all your items into a collection (With your mouse over the outliner, Press ‘m’ with everything selected and select ‘new collection’), and you can then hide that. To select all the children of the empty, you can right click and ‘select Hierarchy’ in the outliner

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Great, guys, those suggestions fix it, many thanks!

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