Can't hide the stoked-ness -> Sidescroller Snowboarding

Only 45 days until the ski hill opens so why not make a snowboarding game! It’s a side-scroller where you pretty much just hit jumps and flip and spin and stuff.

LINKS! -> <- Mac demo
------------ <- .Blend

woa if you made that by your self. i could really use u lol. looks good to.


@nitrofreak06, thanks man. Stoked about the dev team thing


Jump - Space
Method - A
Indy - S
Spin - Q (can be combined with a grab but it doesn’t work completely)
Crouch - Up Arrow
Slow/Stop - Down
Leaning - Left+Right Arrows

Bump… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! I’d been away for a couple of days, so I missed this when you first posted it. Those tricks turned out pretty nicely. The transitions seemed a little rough (especially on the board grab), but I found that if I set the blendin on the action actuators to 5 it smoothed right up. Anyway, I like it.

Could you reupload it…it says File Not Found.


This thread is from last year, so the upload probably expired by now. That said, I found it in one of my Blender stuff folders, so I uploaded it to my server for you.

That link will probably be good until some future date when I decide to do spring cleaning on my server space (read: until eternity).