Can't import 2D Adobe Illustrator CS3 DXF file?

I want to import a 2d profile into blender 2.49 as a dxf file but the file is empty?

Can anyone help me with this please?

Open your file in Illustrator and save as a SVG. DXF has never worked for me.

Thanks I’ll try.

There’s no import facility in Blender for SVG?

Yes there is. Make sure you paths for your scripts older is set correctly in your user preferences if you don’t see the list of import options. It shows up as “Paths (svg, .ps, .eps, .ai, gimp)” in the File / Import options.


Hi, here the author of DXF-importer script.
I will try to help - send me the problematic dxf-file

Thanks for the offer, but I have recently bought Cinema 4D.

Hey guys,

I’ve run into a similar problem importing a logo file from Illustrator. I’ve saved it out as both .svg, and .dxf, and can’t get either into Blender 2.49b. I’ve checked my user prefs pyhon scripts folder path… and it’s pointing to my Program Files\Python 2.6.5\Lib. Is that the correct folder? The Scripts Menu (Add, Animation, Export, Import, etc… ) show empty bars for each script category?? So I assume I’ve got the wrong path… “but you know what happens when we assume…”

Any help would be heavily appreciated!


This is what the problem LOOKS like:

…and here’s the ai, dxf, and svg files too.

I intend to extrude to a 3D shape, then have it output via 3D printer… anyone know of a reputable service provider? I’m looking for a rapid proto-typer that can output this into semi transparent colored plastic.

Again, thanks in advance for the help!

Program Files\Python 2.6.5\Lib\ is wrong for Blender scripts.
standard Blender scripts folder is: %yourBlenderInstallationFolder%.blender\scripts
Are there scripts in this folder? If not - something wrong with your installation, try to install Blender again

It should be no problem with importing your DXF file using DXF-importer script.
I get here a perfect result


Thanks guys, I figured it out… turned out I needed to reinstall Blender and the Python… working now!

Hi Trane,
Maybe a similar problem i encountered with PyTopMod imported model. It looks like the edges are all nicely there… but as a grouped block.
Have you imported a DXF version too?
And how does the overall size appear? I use to notice uge differences because the unit base is totally else from one app to the other.