Can't import a .cob file

I downloaded this Caligari .cob file:

but when I try to import it, the script says it “Can’t read ASCII format”.

Which doesn’t tell me whether,
a) it expects some kind of binary format,
b) it expects ASCII format but the file doesn’t look ASCII to it, or
c) it’s ASCII, allright, but some kind of “bad ASCII”

The carriage returns in the file are unix-like; I tried changing them to DOS-like, but it didn’t help. Same message.
I’m using Blender 2.40 Alpha, on XP. TIA.

Too late, but anyway… I once dabbled with that exporter and found out that ASCII format is not supported by the script at all. You may try to download TS 3 (it should be still available for free.), load file and save it again as either binary .cob or whatever else it suports… (i only glanced at a file but it seems there’s no TS4+ specific stuff.) Or if you feel like coding, you can download spec and add ASCII support. :slight_smile: (not that difficult just time-consuming.)

EDIT: Oops… There’s one, namely something looking like UV map…

Thanks. As a matter of fact, the guy that maintains the models library did exactly that for me: Exported them to .obj, so I’m on it now. As for the UV map, I have to redo it anyways; I beveled the model and will be adding some greebles. Thanks again.