Can't import DXF files.


I’m trying to import a simple DXF file with but it just doesn’t work. I’ve tried with versions 2.78 and 2.59 and none of them could import it. I’ve enabled the DXF importer add-on and then I import it but I see nothing in the scene. There are a bunch of objects in the outliner but nothing in the viewport. Am I doing something wrong?

If they are in the outliner then something has worked. Maybe they are very very small or very very large for your current viewport start/end clip distance.
Check their size

you can select in outliner then look at the location and scale in the N panel

happy bl

press the button next to “1” (not two, but the other way)

| this button

this will select every layer, then do Alt+H to unhide everything. then Alt G to reset location, and just to be sure, press A again, and Alt G just in case not everything was selected previously.

if non of that worked, you can try Shift + C in object mode, witch will frame everything.

now, if the camera is far away from the grid, u can make sure the objects are not x10000 in scale by scaling it down by 0.01 and Shift+C again to frame everything, just to make sure its not clipping out.

if non of these worked, then i suggest you submit the blendfile, or it did indeed not work.

Thanks for the suggestions. The problem was that when I set the units to Centimeters, the clipping planes distances were off. I could not see beyond 10 cm or so and everything 10 cm away from my view was not visible. I corrected this in the View settings and I also had to rescale the drawing by a factor of 0.1 to match the real measurements in the drawing. Thanks for the help!