Can't install the new update to 2.93

Title says it all. I’m trying to install 2.93.4, but this keeps popping up when trying to use the installer:
How do I go about fix this? Should I just install it from the Windows store? Or just download the zip file?

I highly recommend the Zip file version since you can just put it anywhere and thus have as many Blender versions as you like. Go into the 2.93 folder after you unzip it and create a folder named config and it will then keep all its configuration and add-on data local to that specific version/unzip location.

But as to the original problem, maybe your download got truncated? I would try re-downloading it to see if that helps.


No, it fully downloaded, the problem is that it wouldn’t detect the previous version I was using (2.93.2) and I don’t know why.

I’m not sure what the current situation is, but there used to be issues with the Windows Installer where it couldn’t do an “upgrade” from one version to another related version. If you haven’t already got it working I’d suggest uninstalling the old version before trying to install the new one, or just switch to using the .ZIP install which can be completely independent of any other versions on the machine,

I did that before, but it still didn’t work.

Did you have any luck with the Zip version? That one should just be extract the zip file anywhere and run Blender from that folder.

it’s trying to remove 2.93.2 before it can install 2.93.4, but it needs the original installer file for that, which you seemingly have already removed from your download folder.

You can grab the older installers from here