Can't inverse paste keyframes into Action/Dopesheet

Just recently been having a problem with making animations… I can’t paste inverse keyframes anymore. I can mash Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Shift+V all I want, but it doesn’t work. I’ve made a few already without problems but I can’t seem to fix it. Been racking my brain here for hours but can’t find a solution.

Dunno if this picture will help or not

It’s probably something obvious and I’m just too tired to see it.

never mind.

Paste X-Flipped Pose only works in the 3D View editor. In Dopesheet/Graph editor you can only copy/paste keyframes.

Hover over 3D view to copy pose (selected bones) and paste or paste flipped the pose there.


Wow… that’s what happens when I work on no sleep. Thanks!