Can't join an object with NURBS path till the end

Can someone plz tell me what shall I do, or what I do wrong and I can’t make the object follow the NURBS path till the end?


7_2_kareklaki.blend (846 KB)

You transformed your original cylinder. That’s why it’s not properly deformed by the curve modifier. Try and recreate the cylinder aligned to the Z-axis, don’t rotate it. Then it should work as expected.

HOWEVER, using the curve modifier doesn’t seem like the best way of accomplishing this. You might want to try using a bevel object on your curve. I.e. add a bezier circle (as a separate object) and set that as “Bevel object” in the properties of the curve (see screenshot).
By scaling the bezier circle you can adjust the thickness of the resulting tube. If you later want to convert this to a mesh, no problem. Just make sure to set the curve resolution accordingly (of the circle AND the curve), otherwise you’ll get gazillions of vertices. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: