Cant join meshes with vertex keys ? WHAT?

So how did the vertex get a key and how do I delete it?

I have looked in the ipo, etc and nothing was there, but I did select all and delete anyway. Which odly enough, it lets you do.

Thank you very much…

vertex key is the OLD term (just how old are you?) for Shape Keys. You can animate shape keys using Ipo curves, to tell Blender when to deform your mesh according to the shape key influence… see Animation Basics in wiki

Euuuhhh. WeeeLL, thats the error from the new blender.:stuck_out_tongue:

I used the shape keys once, on something else to make the thing talk. That was fun.

But I didnt use any here? Crap. You know I got frustrated and just deleted the fool thing, it was just one vertex anyway.:slight_smile: And I dont think you can track to a single vertex in the GE blocks.

Oh, blink blink, old enough.

all four of my little planes with on vertex said they couldn’t be joined because of that? So if you have one vertex plane, it cant be joined with other planes?

It seems every single thing I try to do (whine, whine, whine) wont work. I am so frustrated with the GE I could…

However, I have learned two new things in the last 48. One is messaging and the other is that you can slide the header bar of the view by grabbing it with the MMB and dragging it. But you know, thats not enough gratification for 48.

Oh, and the cat came in to use his box! arrrrggg.

IIRC, older versions would warn you that you’d loose your vertex keys. I guess now you have to get rid of them by hand first. Avoids accidents, I suppose. As Papa says, they’re called shape keys now, and have a panel that’s usually behind the modifiers panel. The X button in the panel will delete them.

OHHHH, Thank you so much.