Can't join objects

So I’m trying to make this weird soft body simulation with an eye, but when the part aren’t joined, it all falls apart:

So I try joining them, and the transparency dissapears:
Any help?

You are using an alpha channel for transparency? If so when you join the objects, the transparency maping might get all jumbled. Might want ot add the transparency after joining.

what do you mean?

I meant, “join them and then redo the transparency thing”.

Like the nodes or the settings?

You wrote: " and the transparency dissapears:"

So I guess you did set some transparency somewhere. Just undo it and redo it after joining. You might be able to copy it or adjust it or whatever depending on how you did it to start with. Your problem probably comes from your transparency maping being jammed by the new faces you added. At leat that’s my guess. Can’t help you much more than that because you give us no details.