Can't join two curves with the F key

Hi all
I’m just starting Blender 2.8 trying to make a model kit for 3d printing. I made a right half curve outline for the outer rim of my vehicle, duplicated it and mirrored it on the x axis. I also made a small gap between the two curves so there are no overlapping control points. I select two points where one of the gaps are and hit the F key and get an error. Same for the top two points or the bottom two points. Any suggestions most appreciated! Also looking for the command to close a curve. Thanks!

Hey, Welcome to BA. Since you mirrored the curve, they are going the same direction(see those arrows), choose one side and ‘Switch Direction’, also to close the curve, look in the curve panel > Active Spline > Cyclic U, check that box, but if you ‘Fill’ the top and bottom it will do it for you.

Thanks for the reply ajcdfin but I wasn’t able to join the splines. I changed the curve direction so I had a start point and and end point to join but I still get an error . I tried just making two basic beziers side by side picked the end and start control points and hit the F key and got the same error

and could not join them so I am missing some basic step here.

HMMM…That is really strange, in your collection it looks like those are two curves, did you duplicate one in ‘Edit’ mode or ‘Object’ mode ?? You can not connect two different curves (two different names). Duplicate one in ‘Edit’ mode and see if that works.

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