Can't key libactions.

I have just linked my character into a scene, and am trying to animate it. The problem is that every time I try to create a key frame when posing the character, blender brings up a little box saying “Can’t key libactions”. Blender crashes soon after. Has anyone encountered this problem and can help me out? I’m using 2.47.

I assume that by the lack of replies, no-one knows what I’m talking about. If it helps, I can key the entire armature, but cannot key individual bones. Maybe I should just append the armature instead of linking it.


How did you link the character into the scene. Make sure that you don’t try to assign an action from a library and then subsequently try to add keyframes into/modify it. Blender can’t handle (and thus doesn’t allow) editing of lib data as it has no way of saving any changes made to it from a file that linked it.