Can't Log Out from Boxee Box - Need Forced Log-off, Please

Hi Forum Admin Persons,

I logged onto this forum using my Boxee Box (built-in Opera browser) and made the mistake of checking the “Keep me logged on” checkbox. Turns out, Boxee’s browser doesn’t like that little pop-up “Do you really want to log off” thing and won’t show it. So now I’m stuck logged on from there.

I can still log in separately from my PC, but I’d like to get that other Boxee Box session forcibly logged off just 'cause. Could some kind administrator do this for me, please?

Do you have a means of clearing your cookies on your Boxee Box (I’ve never used one, so forgive my ignorance)? Doing so, should clear your session and effectively log you out.

you could connect it via usb to your pc and try to delete these cookies manually

Have you tried Settings>>System>>Browser and clearing the cache/cookies?

I’m not sure, but I don’t think that’ll work. The trouble is that fake dialog that asks if I want to log out. Perhaps there’s a way to turn that off. I’ll check my settings.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m a bit leary about connecting two devices via USB like that. Last time I tried it, I did some major damage to my tablet’s motherboard. Pretty much turned it to toast, but not the breakfast kind.

But thanks for the reply.

Nope, no control over log out notifications. Bummer.

And in your boxee settings?
Settings>>System>>Browser and clearing the cache/cookies?

Thanks for the suggestions, X3DModels and Fweeb. It’s now logged off, whether because of clearing the cookies or not, I’m not sure, but I have learned my lesson: Don’t make a log-in ‘permanent’ on the Boxee.