cant login half the webpage

not sure what it is, mabey ive got a restricted account or some cookie error, or an out of date web browser.

i can login the main forum page, browse the sub forums, but when i go on a topic, except some sub forum like this one, i am not logged in.

also when i go to post and login, click login, it goes straight back to the login page.

i dunno.

privacy medium high.
site with cookie access:,

That is strange, but the site should be working well with IE8. It does almost seem like the cookie is expiring too quickly on your for browsing the site. Are you able to repo this on another browser as well? <-- will help trouble shoot things on our end.


Also check that a virus scanner or any ad blocking software isn’t filtering the pages.

thanks for the replies.

firefox 4.0.1 works ok.
my net laptop has no anti virus :>

i will try mess with some more settings…
i could access the whole forum ok before (loged in), then half the pages had this funny bug.

its working now.

i had to accept pop-ups from

i have the problem again, dunno what it is, seem some sub-forums work, some dont, and, some threads work, some dont…

guess ill just use firefox.

mabey its just an odd version of IE8 or something.