Can't login in Chrome

Dear BlenderArtist,
I’m having problems login in from within Chrome but not from Explorer… could you help me solving this?
I’m using Windows 7 Enterprise, 64bit OS.
Chrome’s version is 30.0.1599.101 m
Explorer’s version is 10.0.9200.16721
Forum Skin is Dark Theme
PS: I managed to login from Chrome when using the Light Theme but I’m kick out after a few seconds

I use chrome too, but I am slowly learning that it is shit for a lot of sites. Try deleting your cache and cookies. Probably have a corrupted cookie or something.

Are you using any additional add-ons for your browser?

Hi guys, sorry for not replying before…
@BrentNewton, you are right about Chrome, it’s going slowly down unfortunately… :frowning: I tried deleting cookies, cache but I’m still having problems with the Blender Forum.
@Fweeb, I have a couple of Add-ons but the only enabled is the Google-Docs
So now I can NOT login at the forums in Chrome even when using the Light Theme… I’m replying to you using Explorer
Any ideas?

When you say ‘kick out’ what happens? Are you being re-directed somewhere? Just logged off? Some other page error?

When I try to login in Chrome I put my username and password, then I click on Login. The page of “redirecting…” comes to view and after that I’m back in the home page of the forums but still not logged in.

These suggestions may be straight forward and I apologize if you already tried them, but to eliminate possibilites:

1 - Delete all bookmarks and saved password settings relating to this site - in the advanced section of chrome settings - and recreate them after doing the other steps.
2 - Did any connection or proxy settings get changed?
2 - Do a virus/malware scan - a few people I know have had problems loading certain pages due to this - mostly in IE though.
3 - Make certain the address is correct ( - meaning it’s not being spoofed

Ok, now I know what the problem is… it seems there is a website called with exactly the same interface as
The difference is the ‘s’ in the end… so I was trying to log into the first one and I was not allowed to do that. Only when I try to log in the second one (the one with the ‘s’ at the end, i.e. I’m allowed to login.
The funny thing is that when I just write: I’m redirected to but not when I write
This should something to fix in your side, right?
Thanks anyway for the help.