Cant make a paintball fluid!

Hey guys… Ive been trying to make a fluid that acts like paint… But ive searched and didnt find any type of explanation to do that…
I think the main problem is the viscosity of the fluid… I dont know the exact values of the paint’s viscosity. If you know i would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Another thing, the project im trying to do is similar to this video: (starting at 1:40)

Well Thanks for any suggestions…

Hello Poupas,

I can’t see the video because don’t allowed in germany (our lovely GEMA … ).

The domain objekt has three parameters (“Base”, “speed” and “Exponent”) in the “Fluid world”. There are the paramters of a mathematical function. Try the following :

Base = 2.00, speed = 1 and Exponent = 3. If it is too “fast” then try higher values.

Hope that is the answer of your question.