Cant make fluid obstacle work

What I did yet -

A cubical domain, a spherical fluid object and a lens type half spheical lens like obstacle object. But when the fluid hits the obstacle, it does not go into the obstacle, rather it acts like the lens/half shere is a plane and bounce off from the edge. i tried recalculating the domain and it worked for a while, but then when i added generate particle, it is same again, and I’ve no idea what will make it right, I tried everything what i knew …making the obstacle thicker, subdividing, recalculating…


Try setting the obstacle Volume Initialisation to be a Shell

Yeash \m/ changing to shell worked! But some fluid is coming through the lens at first, I made it pretty thick, making it more thick will look gross…any other solution for that?

To prevent the fluid from going through an obstacle, you can always increase the resolution or change the world size. If you don’t want to change your fluid settings, because you already like the result despite the leak, you really need to make your lens thicker. It doesn’t matter if it looks gross, a fluid simulation doesn’t need to be pretty… Only the resulting fluid! Once the fluid sim is baked, you don’t need the ugly obstacles any more; you hide them and unhide the pretty high-poly objects which will be rendered.

In other words, you may want to render pretty objects but you never, never, ever use them as obstacles! You always use low-poly versions with only the needed parts and walls as thick as your IRL thigh if needed. :wink: Every vertex that you remove from the simulation makes you gain ms… And so does setting the fluid domain to free slip… unless you want your fluid to stick to invisible walls.