Can't make the viewport view orbit around an arbitrary selection of verticies.

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Hi folfks. I get the feeling that there’s so much to learn with Blender that the stuff I learn now, is just pushing the first things learned about Blender out of my brain. For the life of me, I just csn’t seem to get the 3D viewport view to orbit around a mesh at an arbitrary selection of verts/edges/faces in the mesh. The amount of time wasted on trying to keep something in view whilst I orbit it was getting on my nerves, so I thought it’d be a good idea to invest a few minutes into refreshing my memory on how to orbit arbitrary selections in edit mode so that I can massively speed up my workflow. Unfortunately, howeve, the few minutes turned into a few hours, and didn’t get me anywhere anyway. I must have been searching the wrong terms or something 'cause I was mostly getting results for how to change the origin point of a mesh, or some other near miss

I even resorted to attempting to use the 3D cursor as a pivot point, but as the screen shots show, the viewport still allows it to wander off because the viewport isn’t focusing on it.

Can someone help me out here 'cause this is driving me up the wall.


(animelix) #2

Press the , (comma) on the numpad
If you want to isolate the Objekt in the viewport, press / (divide).
The whole scene: home (Pos1)

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Thanks. It’s full stop on my number pad, but I guess that’s just a difference in internationalization of keyboards. I don’t yet know if it’s exactly what I was looking for (just gave it a few seconds of a test), but it’s infinitely better than having to struggle along with what I’d have to do without it. Much appreciated.

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You can also turn on “rotate around selectiion” in user preferences

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For many of this little basic things, one good site to stop at:

And i really want sugest, that, following tutorials about the basic is really the way to avoid headache. Even when you come from other softwares it is a good place where start. UI, term and some tools can act differently from an other software.