Can't modify deformity on dragon's back legs.

I am doing a tutorial here: Somewhere along the way (after weight painting), I noticed unwanted bulges on the rear legs of my dragon. When I attempt to modify the mesh in edit mode, they move back to the deformed position in object mode. I can’t move the vertices in sculpt mode at all. I was able to move the same vertices in edit mode in an earlier saved blend file of my dragon. But I was wondering why I can’t do it in this blend file.

In object mode:

In edit mode:

Blend file of dragon:

Remove Shape Key called “tongue wag”. Start that shape key over. Its affecting the leg as far as I can see.

Yes, thanks. It figures the only real way I strayed from the tutorial messed things up. The tongue seems to go up without the shape key, I think. I’ve got a lot to learn…