Cant mouse select objects in 2.75

Hello,I haven’t used blender for a while since i took a break from modeling but slowly getting back into it,got really excited on 2.75 but cant use it properly.

Basically the problem is that I cant select objects with my mouse I already tried different control schemes and not a single on is working properly.The problem starts when I have multiple objects in the scene I didn’t notice it happening while there is few objects in the scene.

If I click on a cube that’s on far left corner of the screen some how it would select a cube that’s in the middle or in right corner basically its selecting every objects that I don’t want selected.Using mouse button+shift works fine so its strange problem,I cant use shift+mouse button all the time because it slows down my workflow.
On previous versions like 2.7 its working fine but I would like to use new features.


Try setting selection mode to either of the selection modes instead of automatic in user preferences -> system.

Thanks its working now.
Most likely a problem with new ATI drivers and blender.