can't move objects propely anymore (objects snapping to points)

I have a project I’ve been working on a while and before I could easily select something press g to move or r for rotate and make changes easily and with a lot of control…meaning i could move something just a little bit subtley but now all of a sudden everytime i try to move something it jumps like 5 inches as if snapping to grid points. Is it on snap mode ? how can i change this back to the way it was?

i just noticed that objects in the other scenes move normally just in one of the main scenes everything is jumping whenever i try to rotate or move it

Under object>transform> is it on grid or snap? I’ve had it switch on me (there must be some shortcut or something) and it makes it snap to weird places, but that doesn’t sound like the problem your describing. Do you have the snap tool enabled (little magnet button)? Dunno if this will help.

its on ‘grid’ for everything and the magnet isn’t selected or anything. doesn’t seem to make a difference either.

now for like two seconds i don’t know what i did but one of the objects was moving extremely small amounts instead of a lot…now its back to snap to far off points. weirdness.

Hmm, it’s probably a problem within blender, but another possibility is that you shift/ctrl keys are accidentally registering, making it either move in smaller or larger increments? Another possibility is that under user preferences you have one of the snap to grid options enabled (grab/move, rotate, scale)? I’m starting to run out of ideas lol.

Ok i have no idea what i did but like 90% of the other probalems i’ve had it seems to have fixed itself, thanks.

Its like the scroll wheel on my mouse only works to zoom or move around sometimes, otherwise i have to press alt and drag to zoom…then out of nowhere it’ll start working again

Well I’m glad most of the problems are fixed, even though I couldn’t help too much, good luck with the mouse :D.