Can't Move or Scale Objects

When ever i click to drag the green line so i can scale the object, the 3D cursor just appears where I clicked and nothing happens. I was just fixing up a background image and went to scale the object and i just couldn’t. The same happens when i try to move it using the RGB lines. Also when I’m in edit mode instead of the usual mouse pointer there’s a cross like after you press B to select stuff. After opening a new project, everything is back to normal but that one project is playing up.
Would anyone be able to think of a solution?

Here’s the file:

Instead of signing a post with your nick, include an example .blend so others can test it on their system and see if it’s some setting for the object, or something specific in yours.

Otherwise, you could start a new project and append all objects to it and see if that helps. Either way, give people something to work with instead of asking them to waste their time randomly guessing.


Thanks for the advice mate. Here’s the file if you want to take a look at it.:+1:

Can’t replicate the issue on this end.

User preferences -> system

  • Selection method to one of the available ones instead of automatic,
  • Window draw method: triple buffer, no multisample

And checking that your graphics drivers aren’t overriding anti-aliasing setting but lets the application choose.

Those might have something to do with it, but since it works in another file and you’d remember changing those, it’s more likely a glitch. That is hard to diagnose.

New file, file -> append, browse to the .blend and open it like a folder, and select what you need from the object folder.

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Could it be that Lock Camera To View option is enabled in the Properties shelf > View rollout? This used to be a bug in version around 2.79.

This is expected behaviour if I understand what you see, cursor in Edit mode shouldn’t look like mouse pointer.

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Wasn’t enabled in the provided file. The view is locked to the object so view moves when object is moved, but doesn’t affect scaling. Shift + numpad_decimal to lock, and alt + numpad_decimal to unlock are the hotkeys, so there’s a slight chance it was set while setting the bg image, but shouldn’t cause reported symtoms.

Quickly searching, reports seem to be about lock to cursor option, which isn’t available while locked to object

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Lock To Object was reported to cause similar behaviour, not Lock Camera. Although that behaviour doesn’t seem to be present in the file now that I checked.
This is most likely a bug which afaik was fixed since then

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