cant move selected mirrored objects


im having problems with moving a object that i seperated. It moves its mirrored object not towards the middle f the object but to the left or right. See blend file.[ATTACH]218359[/ATTACH]

I think you got objects and geometry, object and edit mode mixed.

In object mode you’re interested in whole objects (or a group of objects, to better memorize it). In edit mode you’re interested in parts of one object. In your case, if you try to move the separated part in object mode, the whole object moves because the mirror modifier mirrors the mesh and not the object.

I assume you want to line up that object with the both sides of the frog body. What you could do to make it easy is:

  • select the frog body in object mode, shift+s -> cursor to selected
  • select the separated object, shift+s -> selection to cursor
    This puts object origins to the same place. By default, mirror modifier uses the object origin and axis to determine the mirror plane.
  • switch to edit mode and move the mesh where you want. The other side should line up perfectly.

thank thank u solved