Can't move vertices in UV Editor


If I start a project from scratch, the UV editor works fine - I can move the vertices of my face to align with my image.

However in an existing project that I’m working on, when I try to grab a vertex, a circle appears (surrounding the entire area) and when I try to move the vertex, the whole face moves with it.

If anyone could suggest what I’m doing wrong would be very grateful


See if proportional editing is on. (uv menu of UV editor, or “o”) the circle of influence can be adjusted to not include the entire model, or you can just turn it off. Same as when mesh editing.

Bingo - thanks Pappy! Turned it off in my main 3D view, opened UV editor and I can now drag my vertices. Was driving me crazy thanks a million :slight_smile:

thx pappy , just had the same problem.